We often overlook liminal spaces in our home because they are built exactly for that reason, to be transited through. The concept of a mudroom encourages us to transform our entryways into a stop-gap, where we can pause and organize ourselves before continuing on through the home. It’s practical, reduces mess and dirt, and offers an area to organize your things.

Here are some essential features we recommend to make the most of your mudroom.

Mudroom storage (especially mudroom shoe storage) is what makes this nook so impressive. It can help free up well-needed space in other cupboards and keep items in a location that flows better for your routine. As this area will be the most connected with the outdoors, make sure to choose durable cabinetry materials that are somewhat weatherproof to make it easier to clean. Avoid soluble materials like chipboard. As much as we need our mudrooms to be ultra-practical, infuse your personal style to make it truly feel like home. While a minor detail, cabinetry handles come in a wide range of designs and colours to fulfil your creative vision.

There’s nothing better than being able to sit down after a long day and taking off your shoes in a comfortable setting. It’s especially great in a mudroom where you can also store them away all in one go. Opt for bench seating where you can add extra storage underneath for maximum practicality.


For smaller items like keys and hats, consider adding some hooks in your mudroom, so they hang in a convenient spot.

Whether you’re an early riser or a nightcrawler, overhead lighting in your mudroom is a godsend. Make it lively with an elegant wall sconce or a funky light fixture.

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