With rising temps, blazin’ hot rays, and aggravating pests threatening to take over, your fledgling garden may need some extra TLC this time of year. Keep it healthy—and growin’ like a weed—with these expert tips:

Water Smart – Experts say it’s better to liberally water 2x per week rather than more frequently with less water.

Water in the A.M. – Avoid watering in the evening when warm temps and moisture prompt fungus growth. Your best bet? Do your heavy watering morning—coffee cup in hand, of course.

Feeding frenzy – Your plants and veggies need more than water during the summer months. Consider a quick-release fertilizer every three to four weeks.


Keep an eye out – Remove diseased, damaged, or dead debris from your plants. They’ll only stunt growth. Watch for weeds, too—they’ll steal nutrients and water so catch ‘em and pull ’em before they spread.

Know your bugs – Bugs come out in droves during the summer months. It’s important to know what you’re up against so you can get the right products to boot.

Happy summer all, and happy gardening!

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