Sooner than you can say “It’s a summer!” we’ll be sitting pretty in the great outdoors. Never have our own backyards (or balconies, porches or patios) been as key to our well-being as they’ve been over the past two years.
This summer’s outdoor trends are all about colour, comfort, practicalities, and panache.

Here are my 3 favourite ways to update your outdoor space now.

01 Retro Style
Vintage style will liven up your porch or terrace. Vintage indoor furniture is easier to find than outdoor retro gems, but luckily manufacturers are stepping in to slake our thirst for all things vintage.
02 Think Pink
The colour that’s become a go-to indoors is extending its reach outside. Pair it up with pale green and beiges or enjoy its happy hue when it hangs out with brights. Cover everything from pillows to seat pads with fabric in vibrant summery palettes and contemporary patterns.
03 Cook Out
No need to take the heat in the kitchen when you can cook outside. Outdoor kitchens continue to impress with yearly advancements in products for the chef de cuisine. From barbecues that enable multiple cooking tasks to pizza ovens (predicted to be the biggest-selling outdoor appliances this summer), there are many ways to savour the flavour of summer outside.


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