The turbulent year that this was saw us approach our homes as multi-functional spaces that could still reprieve us from stress. Curves, soft colours, and natural influences were of high popularity, as we needed to soothe our day-to-day lives.
Going forward into 2022, we expect a similar continuation of those concepts, but with a bit more excitement. As events rapidly progress and the world starts opening again, the liveliness we feel could be reflected back in our spaces.

Keep reading to see what other interior design trends we think will feature next year!

For the past couple of years, we have found solace in the peacefulness of neutral tones. As we begin to emerge and adjust into a new phase, we’re excited to splash vibrancy in our homes — but in tasteful ways.
This means the colourful statement wall is back. But we’re not just throwing out what we’ve learned about cultivating calm at home. Instead, we’re picking one main wall within a space and ensuring its colour or pattern is visually exciting without overwhelming.
We’re already beginning to see many homeowners bring tones like orange, blue, sage, and ruby into their kitchen and bathroom spaces. If one strong colour isn’t for you, you can always adopt patterns into the mix instead.

Biophilic principles were a strong theme that underpinned the way we approach design in 2021, and that sentiment is set to flow through into 2022. We still want to merge the intricacies of the outdoors into our built environment, as it provides an aspect of tranquillity that only nature can achieve. It also makes the home a more exciting and sensory experience.
Biophilic design is much more than putting plants in the home. It encompasses the kind of shapes, colours, textures, scents, and visuals we decide to implement into our day-to-day scenes.

Next year, we will broaden our exploration into the world of texture at home. A combination of the two predictions above has somewhat influenced this desire. Fabrics, walls, and decor all become an opportunity to create more personality-driven spaces, as visual and physical textures create more nuance while administering a biophilic quality.
Textures can be as bold or as subtle as you like, their versatility allowing you to mix and match as many as you like.

We’ve been seeing an undercurrent of the wet room trend take space in 2021 and are interested to know if it will grow more prominent in 2022. Wet room bathrooms are designed to allow the entire space to be entirely waterproof. This often means that the shower and bath are contained in their own area, sometimes with the vanity unit divided by a partial glass wall.
It works well for smaller dimensions while administering a minimalistic air into the design. We think the appeal of open-plan bathrooms will thrive in the next year as we continuously look for new and innovative ways to curate our homes.

As international travel starts to resume, we anticipate that the souvenirs we take from our trips will be adorned in the home upon return. Suppose you don’t plan on travelling in the new year but still want to incorporate some design concepts from other countries. In that case, we have a blog here that describes the different ways to incorporate an international flavour into your home’s design.

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