Let the countdown begin. I’ll share my secrets for creating an easy, festive setting.

Q-What’s the one accent that can make the biggest impact in a home?

A- A mantle sets the holiday tone. A star garland intertwined with a fresh eucalyptus garland is a pretty touch. Or opt for an artificial green garland with twinkle lights and pinecones.

Q-If you’re not into the classic red-and-green look, what’s another good concept for a Christmas party?

A-I love a good winter-wonderland theme, with gold and silver ornaments on a tree and faux-fur home decor that can carry you through the winter months.

Q-What are your tips for making food and drinks look as good as they taste when setting up a party?

A- Charcuterie boards & bar carts are my go-to because of their functionality and
purpose. Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? Now the possibilities are endless when creating your arrangement. Placed on a kitchen island or console table, they are great conversation starters! Bar carts make a perfect appetizer and drink station in the corner of your dining or living room. Style the bar cart with ornaments, garland, and an assortment of twinkle lights, and you’ll have the perfect festive look!

Q-What is your secret to create an inviting fragrance in your home without it being overpowering?

A- I like to place candles and reed diffusers in areas that aren’t centrally located. I always burn soft, muted fragrances like lemon blossom or jasmine as to not overwhelm anyone’s senses. I also make sure to give a quick linen spray on fabrics before guests arrive.

Q- How do you manage your holiday party budget?

A- To keep costs low, I like to prepare in advance a few festive cocktails like mulled wine, rum punch or hot toddies. It allows more time to socialize with guests. Ditch all disposable serving ware and try your hand at DIY decor.

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