The holidays and Christmas time are fast approaching, and this year we have so much to be grateful for since we have far less restrictions on seeing our friends and family. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these beautiful opportunities available to us by being near your close circle this holiday season.

We have some ideas on what you can do to get in the holiday spirit and build positive and happy memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Quality Family Time
A lot of us get caught up in the mundanity of everyday life; we pass our family members on the stairs, and we forget to put our devices down and be present. This year, do something fun with your family! Take the kids and go for a drive scouting out the best Holiday lights, or if it’s available, take the family skating or play in the snow. Go for a winter walk on the trail and see what kind of wildlife you can find. Cozy up by the fire and play charades and have a laugh.
2. Pick out a Christmas Tree Together
Involve the kids and head to your local garden centre with the whole family to pick out the best Christmas tree! One thing we love about this activity is the smell and feelings that fresh Christmas trees bring. The kids won’t forget this awesome holiday activity. Go for a winter drive afterwards, pick up some cups of hot chocolate and head home to set up your perfect find.
3. Game Night
Having a family game night can be a wonderful experience where every family member can laugh and participate. This is especially true around the holidays when everyone gathers, so why not make it extra special by adding some poignant memories.
4. Holiday Card Photo Shoot
Gather up the family in their best holiday garb and set up your tripod or bring in a professional to take some gorgeous shots of your crew to send out for the holidays. This is especially effective when there is snow outside!
5. Holiday Movie Marathon
Most families can name at least a few go-to movies that they watch around the holiday season. Cozy up by the fire, find your warmest blankets and see how many holiday movies you can tick off the list. For an extra challenge, vote on a new one to screen and see if it resurfaces in next year’s lineup.
6. Connect With a Loved One
We can’t always be around our family during the holidays, so schedule a group video call with a family member or friend who you cannot see at this time. Reach out to someone who you don’t get to see often or someone you know who lives alone and invite them to game night or movie night with your crew. Better yet, invite them to your holiday party or feast.
7. Do Something Kind
The holidays are a perfect chance to teach your kids the power of a kind gesture. Have them gather up their old toys and donate them to kids in need. Bring a hot meal to a homeless person or bring the older kids to a soup kitchen to volunteer. Walk around your building or neighbourhood and drop off some of the holiday cookies you made to your neighbours.

Whether you are spending quality time with your family, spreading some baked goods joy, or paying it forward with kindness, be with the people you love this year.

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